1st ZULF Conference

First Conference on Zero and Ultra-Low Fields NMR

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant agreement No. 766402.

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We are pleased to announce the 1st Conference on Zero and Ultra Low Field (ZULF) NMR, which will take place on 1- 4 September 2020 via the Microsoft Teams/Live Events platforms. A Virtual poster session is planned on Twitter and will start the week before the conference (24th of August 2020).

Conference programme

Tuesday September 1st 1-5 pm (UTC) Thomas Theis - ZULF-NMR for chemical analysis on your cell phone - ZULF Workshops

Michael Tayler - Spin Dynamics at Zero and Ultralow Magnetic Fields - ZULF Workshops
Wednesday September 2nd 1-5:30 pm (UTC) Szymon Pustelny - Atomic magnetometers and their Application to ZULF NMR - ZULF Workshops

Dmitry Budker - Detection methods at zero field: NV magnetometers - ZULF Workshops

Ilya Kuprov - Introduction to spin relaxation theory - ZULF Workshops

ZULF Poster session I
Thursday September 3rd 1-5 pm (UTC) Konstantin Ivanov - Two-dimensional NMR experiments exploiting spin mixing under ZULF conditions

Fedor Jelezko - Nanoscale NMR enabled by NV centers in diamond

Danila Barskiy - High-resolution NMR chemosensing using portable zero-field spectrometer

John Blanchard - ZULF NMR for fundamental physics: Measuring zero at zero field

History of ZULF NMR - Alexander Pines (cancelled)

ZULF Poster session II
Friday September 4th 1-5 pm (UCT) Meghan Halse - Exploring SABRE hyperpolarisation using in situ Earth's field NMR spectroscopy

Stefan Glöggler - Para-hydrogen to signal-enhance metabolites and spins with long lifetimes

Malcolm Levitt - Symmetry and SABRE: A problem and a challenge

Peter Blümler - Portable and compact NMR/MRI

Matthew Rosen - Life at the bottom: millitesla MRI in the 21st century

Poster session competition

First prize (tied)

Dudari B. Burueva for "Chemical reaction monitoring at zero magnetic field"


Yutaka Shikano for "Real-time Nano diamond thermometry probing in-vivo thermogenic responses"

Also awarded

Liubov Chuchkova - "Photo-chemically induced dynamic nuclear polarization of heteronuclear singlet order"

Riccardo Cipolletti - "Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Gyroscopes for Precise Positioning"

Pavel Fadeev - "Might a magnet be a spinning top?"

Domingo Olivares-Postigo - "Applications of the NV centers in diamonds"

Román Picazo-Frutos - "Dissolution dynamic nuclear polarization-enhanced ZULF NMR (dDNP-ZULF NMR)"

Prizes were sponsored by:

The conference addresses students and postdocs as well as specialists across all areas of NMR spectroscopy and imaging with an interest in the emerging field of ZULF NMR. The first half of the event consists of a series of lectures that cover the basics of ZULF NMR, to provide background and context for those working so far mainly in high-field NMR. The second half is dedicated to talks on current developments in ZULF NMR science and technology, given by leaders in the field.

The 1st ZULF Conference is fully organised by students of the European Training Network ZULF, with the support of the consortium beneficiaries.

Our Speakers

Organising committee

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